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Safety & Considerations

  • Each job location is different and is assessed for potential obstacles. We stress operating safely and only consider flight paths that allow us to maintain safety zones away from people and property.
  • Planning includes determining effective camera positioning for photos, to achieve client's objectives
  • Weather conditions must be favorable, no rain, snow or fog.
  • Winds should be less than 20 kph. We have flown in higher winds with success but the percentage of usable photos is greatly reduced.
  • Temperatures need to be in the range of 40 to -5 degrees Celsius
  • Flights will be conducted in accordance with all applicable regulating authorities.
  • Third party insurance is preferred.
  • In case of a public place, security is must.
  • Flight time (Morning / Evening) will vary upon site location, direction of sun light & weather conditions.
  • If required we request you to take permissions of Local Government / Police.